Reading is a small and a 'no-longer-sleepy' town about 90 km west of London, the hub of the IT industry in the United Kingdom and the land of milk and honey to a few hundred Tamils who quickly adapted to dark suits and stilettos and are making it big in the fields of technology, medicine and research. Like the pot of rice at Pongal, the notion of coming together for a common cause had been bubbling in many minds, but it took only two sprightly enthusiasts to kick life and legitimacy into the froth and bring the pot to a boil. In the brief but eventful period between Pongal and February 2008 we precipitated our motives, consolidated our actions and got ourselves ready to go. We are continuously looking to adapt and progress.

We aim at bringing together everyone who has an interest in Tamil, its people, culture and classical traditions, to share that zest through a variety of programmes to be held periodically within Reading. An underlying passion among many of us, which adds a charitable flavour to our overall agenda, is to give to our society some of what sustained and brought us this far, and to share some of the burdens of those struggling behind us. In other words, we would like to look beyond ourselves� Like any organisation primed to grow and flourish we depend on the zeal multiplied by the devotion of its members.

We eagerly invite you to participate at a level most suited to you. To see how you can join this endeavour and how you may benefit, click here...


General Secretary:
Balaji Panchapakesan

Sudarshan Shanmugam

Executive Commmittee:
Pramila Srinivasan
Collin Moodley
Gopinath Krishnamurthy
John Daniel
Rajkumar Poornachandran
Sarathi Balasundaram
Bhasker Srinivasan

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